Live Happy, Eat Dirty Podcast with Kate Harrison (including The 5:2 Diet)

Live Happy, Eat Dirty is a podcast full of quick and dirty health and diet ideas for real people, hosted by me – Kate Harrison. Fed up with feeling guilty because you can’t be 100% perfect all the time? Live happy and eat dirty instead! In this practical and positive podcast, discover why cheese is our kind of superfood, what your gut can tell you about how to live a good life, and how part-time diets are the secret to staying in great shape for life. Hear guilty-free ideas and down to earth interviews by happily imperfect health author Kate Harrison, who loves to have her cake and eat it. In Live Happy, Eat Dirty, we say down with eating clean or feeling bad because you never want to try a triathlon. Instead, live the dirty life – enjoyable, laid back but balanced. We talk about food, diet in its broadest sense, positive mental health, gut science, intermittent fasting, 5:2 and strategies for a long and happy life. If you loathe detoxes and clean eating, but love evidence-based tips and eating well – you’re in the right place. Because you can be slim without giving up cheese, bread OR wine. You can be fit without ever trying a triathlon. And you can enjoy your life without having to be a saint. Episodes 1-20 were originally part of The 5:2 Diet Podcast and can still be enjoyed as a great introduction to the fasting lifestyle.
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Apr 18, 2018

In today’s Quick and Dirty podcast on a single topic. Kate explores the D in Dirty - which is all about diversity, especially veg and fruit - how adding more variety and quantity into your diet will reap terrific benefits - and give your tastebuds and friendly gut bacteria a treat!

Kate suggests practical ways to increase your consumption. She talks through options for:

 Brilliant breakfasts and brunches;

 Lunches to look forward to;

Evening meals that end your day on a high!

 Plus why eating your greens - and reds, yellows, purples and whites -  doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. 

Apr 11, 2018

We all have trillions of bacteria living on and inside our bodies – but how can they affect weight loss, diabetes and even your mood.

 In this interview with Dr Lesley Hoyles from Imperial College in London, you’ll hear all about the gut microbiome – the collection of bacteria and other micro organisms that co-exist with us in our guts, and influence so many aspects of our health.

The balance of bugs is affected by countless things, from how you were born, to the antibiotics you’ve taken, and whether you eat live yogurt or onions.


Lesley gives us a tour of research into the gut microbiome and how it’s set to change the medical world.  Plus we talk about getting dirty in childhood, weight gain in farm animals, and the one transplant you don’t want to search for on YouTube

Lesley runs the Bugs in your Guts Twitter account - well worth following - and the other ones she recommends for great information about microbiology and health are:


Prof. Jonathan Eisen's Microbiomania and Overselling the Microbiome

 If you want to nurture your own microbes, The Dirty Diet is for you. You can read Lesley’s take on the future, plus lots more practical advice on looking after your friendly bacteria – and keeping the bad ones in check – in The Dirty Diet.  

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Apr 4, 2018

In today’s episode Helen and Kate talk dirty about carbohydrates – why they’re an essential part of our diet, and why cutting them out is so difficult to maintain. We also reveal our own top of the pops when it comes to starchy carbs… and talk about exciting new research on 5:2/Dirty Diet-style fasting and how it may benefit our health.


Featuring Kate Harrison and  dietitian Helen Phadnis - also known as NomNomNerd! Carbs are fuel for the body - and the fibre they contain fuels our friendly gut bacteria too. But they've been demonised on many diets, so Helen explains their role in nutrition. Kate also tells how low-carb was only ever a short-term fad for her. 

Plus we reveal the simple cooking method that helps carbs become even tastier - and more beneficial to your microbiome.

Kate also talks through the results of new research showing the potential health benefits of intermittent fasting, carried out by the University of Surrey. You can read more about that here or download the full (technical but interesting) PDF.

If the talk of oats has made you want to tuck in, there’s a free recipe for my very delicious Dirty Diet style choc-cherry granola in the Blueprint, Sign up for it here - it's completely free.


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