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The 5:2 Diet podcast – all the tips, interviews and information you need to lose weight and feel great with intermittent fasting. It’s easy, flexible - and free: this podcast will help YOU 5:2. Presented by Kate Harrison, author of The 5:2 Diet Book and three other books on this lifestyle:
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Apr 30, 2015

In Podcast 11, we feature  a remarkable woman who set out to lose 11 stone in weight 15 months ago… and has lost nine stone/57 kilos and gone from a size 32 to a UK size 14… After a lifetime of dieting, Sharon Munsey from Bideford in North Devon had very low expectations when she started doing 5:2, but now she’s gone from a size 32 to a UK size 14 and has just taken up running for the first time, at the age of 54.

Sharon talks to Kate Harrison about how she’s lost her chocolate cravings and fills up on soup and porridge instead, and the thrill of shopping on the high street again after decades of buying ‘big tents to wear’ online. She also reveals how she eats on Fast and non-fasting days, and loves how fast days make her feel.

Sharon’s story is proof you can change your life through intermittent fasting – whether you want to lose 10lbs or 10 stone.  

See her before and after photos – they’re so inspiring, from her trim new shape to her newly emerged cheekbones!  - at or subscribe on iTunes - and download free samples from Kate's books on Amazon.

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This podcast is for information only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. There are some people who shouldn’t follow this diet: children and teenagers, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. If you take medication have a pre-existing medical condition, including Type 2 diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes. In addition, anyone with a history of eating disorders should definitely not undertake this without talking to their doctor or specialist.